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Координация в теннисе (на англ языке)


Part 1


Undoubtedly the coordination is the most important capacity to learn and develop one sport. To understand the co ordination, we should understand what does coordination mean? We can take the coordination like the aptitude to get order in the movements, the coordination control and regulate the predicted and unpredicted movements.

A very important aspect to understand, is that every new coordination is based in a older coordination. This mean for example, if I want to get a big serve, I must to be good throwing stones, balls, javelins, etc.

The Coordination is mainly a mental process, and it manifest in a movement. With more coordination more possibilities to solve the situation I have.

Training the coordination we can get:

1-    Get a better capacity to learn

2-    Faster and rationales answers

3-    Save muscle energy

4-    Get easier the complex movements

The goals when we are training the coordination are:

1-    Increase the motor repertory, this mean have more movement possibilities

2-    Increase the adaptation capacity: be able to solve the movement problem in different  environments

3-    Increase the reaction capacity: be able to be faster in the reactions

4-    Increase the control capacity: to read the environment

5-    Increase the combination capacity: be able to combine movements

6-    Increase the orientation capacity: be able to know the position of the of the court independently of the position of the body

7-    Increase the balance capacity

8-    Increase the agility capacity

Exist four kinds of coordination: General Coordination, Specific Coordination , inter muscle coordination and intra muscle coordination .

General coordination 

Is the co ordinations before the specific co ordinations, it is a polyvalent movement apprenticeship. The General coordination are common with another disciplines. Ej: Handball and American Football.

In the general coordination we can include: Throw, jumps, run, roll, climb, crawl, etc

Specific coordination

 The Specific coordination concern the co ordinations of the specific sport. Also is knew like the sport capacity to vary the gestural combinations in the specific sport technique.

The tennis serve movement is a specific coordination but behind the serve you have the throw movement. The general coordination always is before than the specific coordination with the racket. What can happen if is not like this? The movement will be unstable, sometimes good and sometimes bad.

In the specific coordination we can include: racket skills, all the tennis footwork, the tennis shots.

Inter muscle co ordination

            The inter muscle coordination is the coordination exist between the different muscles during the movement. This mean when the agonist is working the antagonist has to be relaxed. When I hit a shot I have just tense the write muscles (agonist) and relax the another ones (antagonist) if is not like this the movement is not possible

Intra muscle co ordination

            Is the coordination into the muscle. This mean how many muscles cells we are involving in the movement. To hold a tennis racket we don’t need the same number of muscle cells that is we hold 10 kl. I we hit a strong serve we are involving more muscle if I hit a drop shot. The problem is some players are not able to involve just the cells they need

Efficacy concept

            The efficacy is when I get the goal independently of how much energy I spent. Translated to a sport situation, mean be able to play for 2 hrs but spending all my energy

Efficiency concept          

            The efficiency is when I get the goal in the more economy way as I can. This means be able to play for 2 hrs but just spending the necessary energy.

Learning process

            The learning process are the steps we need from the moment we  start to learn the new skill

            Basically we have 4 steps:

1-    Information and Apprehension: is the first impression, is when the player will see the movement, and will make a mental program to try to do

2-    Rustic coordination: is when the player is doing the movement the firsts trying. Is possible to see in this period the player is able to reproduce the movement quite good, but is not fluid.

3-    Fine coordination: is when we can see a fluid movement but without precision

4-    Consolidation and Perfection: is when the movement is solid and you can use in all the situations




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